Sirius Black (canisxastra) wrote in nostalgia_rp,
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Lazy asses.

If I could have one wish tonight, I'd wish upon a satellite ...

Nobody ever posts in this thing, so I'm taking the initiative. Aren't I a good lad? Don't answer that.

Anyway. It's nice to see that amidst all the drama that has been plaguing us all, people are happy to be going on vacation and are visiting each other and such. I myself will being going to France with Narcissa and to Spain with James (whose mother adores me, I hear). So be very jealous of me, because those are some kickass vacation plans.

As a side note, Narcissa has all kinds of good food at her house. If you're ever ravenously hungry, and need some sustenance, this is the place to be. Just ask Kassi.
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