Sirius Black (canisxastra) wrote in nostalgia_rp,
Sirius Black

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Alright you whores.

I've got myself a fancy new screename, "canisxastra." Original as hell, I know. Try not to spend all day online waiting for me to sign on.

Now, I'm going to need all of your screenames. Other than those whom I already have added. If I talk to you regularly, I already have you. If not, out with the screename. I'm too lazy to find them out myself.
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You're about as original as I am.
Not quite that original.
True. Anyway, I'm gotta love gits.
Right. ¤adds¤
I like caps...

Anyways, my new one is wanningxfear. I didn't like the old one.
Mine is xxo rhettness.

Which is as original and creative as it gets.
Whoot. Added.
Come on. Screenames. Now.
crims0n asphyxia

Yeah, that's me.
I'm leaving you a comment. Even though I have absolutely nothing to say. I just like leaving comments.
g0t the GL0W

I lack creativity as well.

Done, got that over with.